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Hello, and welcome to our new meet the team article. This is where you get a peak behind the curtain at Joslin Rhodes to find out more about the people that make us who we are  👀.

Today we sit down with one of our longest serving team members, Julie.

Julie plays a vital role in the business support team as our HR administrator.

So, over to Julie to tell us more…

Say Hello to Julie…

“Hi I’m Julie.”

“I’m the HR administrator at Joslin Rhodes. I’ve worked here for 15 years doing a variety of different roles. I’m part of the business support team.”

“As HR administrator I look after the good things like the payroll, pensions and then also the administrative works behind the team: Keeping files up to date and issuing contracts.”

“Also doing fun stuff like the ‘hero of the week’ and ‘hero of the month’ awards 🏆.”

“We have bacon sandwiches 🥪 on the last Friday of every month, so I make sure that those are ordered and the team has some breakfast that day.”

What’s the past 15 years with Joslin Rhodes been like?

“Over the past 15 years I have done a variety of roles in the business, from accounts to client services, HR, and compliance, so it’s all been quite different.”

“I’ve worked in a variety of different premises too. Obviously, this one now is the biggest and the best, both from a place of work and also for our clients coming in and feeling really relaxed with the lifestyle financial planning process, getting them to where they want to be in retirement.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“So, both the variety of my role, no two days are ever the same. Also that we’re helping people get to where they want to be in retirement so they can live their best lives.”

What do you enjoy outside of Joslin Rhodes?

“I like doing my garden. I like to know my garden is nice and tidy with lots of flowers in it. I’ve grown some flowers from seeds 🌱 this year and we’re redesigning little bits of it, doing it ourselves because our two and a-half year old grandson lives with us and our daughter. So, we are trying to make it a bit more child friendly for him. So we have been moving things around and redesigning it a bit.”

“I also like to go out for meals to good restaurants, particularly the bay horse at Great Broughton🥧. We like going there quite a bit.”

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