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Meet your financial experts

Meet your financial experts

Want to see the faces behind Joslin Rhodes?
We’re a friendly bunch who love working with people just like you

  • Client Engagement Team
  • Planning Team
  • Discovery & Build Team
  • Design Team
  • Specialist Report Team
  • Protect Team
  • Operations Senior Team
  • Ongoing Servicing
  • Business Support Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Senior Leadership Team

Meet your Client Engagement Team

This is the team you’ll first meet – there to make sure your whole journey with us is as easy and happy as possible. Whether that’s booking you with the Planner best able to help, or making sure you’re settled when you arrive in the office or on a call, they’ll be there to chat and put you at ease. 

Your engagement team are happy if you’re happy. 



Rebecca Larkin
Client Engagement Team Leader

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Samantha Colpitts
Client Engagement Team

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Kelly Warwick
Client Engagement Team

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Janine Holt
Client Engagement Team

Janine Bio

Meet your Planning Team

This is your specialist financial adviser team – there to walk with you through that journey towards the retirement lifestyle you really want.  

They’ll take you through your meetings, answer all your questions and alleviate your worries.  

Your Planner’s job is simply to make sure you understand your options. 



Luke Watkinson
Financial Planner & Team Leader
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Louise Rudd
Financial Planner
Christine Fox
Client Relationship Manager & Financial Planner
Danniel Spooner
Ongoing Servicing Team Member & Financial Planner
Stephanie Coates
Financial Planner
Carly Dursley
Financial Planner

Meet your Discovery  & Build Team

Following the initial meetings with a planner, Discovery are responsible for the gathering of all information i.e. all existing materials (writing to providers and chasing until this is received) together with all foundation costs and financial information which they input onto the PlanHappy Portal and then pass the baton onto the Design team. The Build team’s involvement is at the end of the PlanHappy process, implementing the actions agreed between the Planner and the client. We are responsible for chasing providers to transfer and invest client funds, ensuring their plan is ‘Built’ as agreed. We also help clients wanting any pension withdrawals.



Alexandra Coates
Discovery & Build Team Leader

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Chloe Kemp
Discovery Team Member

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Kristina Norris
Discovery Team Member

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Bethany McGhee
Build Team Member
Luciana Drabble
Build Team Member
Alice Harper
Build Team Member

Meet your Design Team

The Design team are those clever technical analysts that pull all the information together to produce the cash flow models and plans to answer those big questions clients have raised.


Jess Wilkinson
Senior Para-planner
Eva Firth
Trainee Para-planner
Matthew Owens
Trainee Para-planner
Grant Young
Harry Drake
Design Team Member
Chris Banner
Design Team Member
Gemma Daulby
Design Team Member

Meet your Specialist Report team

Also known as Safeguarding Benefits, the specialist report team provide advice on Defined Benefit (Final Salary) Pension Schemes and other Safeguarded Benefits. The technical analysis of benefits helps determine the suitability of a transfer alongside consideration of the members circumstances and objectives.


Paul Dowling
Senior Para-planner
Lewis Melluish
Senior Techinical & Pension Specialist

Meet your Protect Team

The Protect team support the design and activation of client instructions such as Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Pension Trusts.  They give clients the peace of mind that their plans and loved ones are protected in the event of their death.


Carole Skeoch
Protect Team Leader
Andrew Duff
Protect Team Member

Meet the Operations Team Leaders


Sharon Saunders
Operations Manager
Jeay Kingham
Operations Technical Specialist & Pension Transfer Specialist

Meet your Ongoing Servicing Team 

This is the team that look after clients once they’re full onboarded. They will meet clients every year to talk about how client plans are working and whether or not they’re still appropriate for the lifestyle client’s want to lead. They are also available 5 days a week for any client questions and requests.


Kathryn Kennedy
Ongoing Servicing Team Leader
Jonathan O'Shea
Ongoing Servicing Team Member
Mathew Grounds
Ongoing Servicing Team Member
Lucy Thompson
Ongoing Servicing Team Member
Kirsty Franks
Ongoing Servicing Team Member
Callum Ellsbury
Ongoing Servicing Team Member

Meet the Business Support Team

This is the team that keeps Joslin Rhodes running and supports in areas such as compliance, IT, finance, facilities and HR.


Stuart Robinson
Compliance Manager
Samantha Glen
Financial Controller

Danni Bio

Julie Kawndele
HR & Accounts Administrator

Scotts Bio

Thomas Richmond
Compliance Officer
Thomas Crossan
IT Administrator
Amy Clements
Finance Assistant

Meet the marketing team

In the marketing team we help make sure clients are aware of the services Joslin Rhodes provides and educates potential clients on the benefits of retirement planning.


Peter Chadwick
Media & Marketing Manager
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Meet the Senior Leadership Team


Neil Parker
CEO & Pension Transfer Specialist
Vouched For
Scott Day
Chief Operating Officer
Sheila Darling
Head of Operations
Julie Weir
Head of Commercial
Danuta Czerwinska
Head of Business Support
Sarah King
Head of Marketing
Dave Redhead
Process Integration Manager
Anthony Prior
Head of Ongoing Servicing & Financial Planner
Pension Advice Gold Standard

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