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Take control of your financial future with Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be daunting. Thinking about how you’ll fund it and whether you can afford to do the things you want can be a worry.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the PlanHappy lifestyle financial planning process, we’ll put everything together in clear plans to give you a sense of comfort and control.

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Get your retirement questions answered

You probably have a whole host of questions and might want to know things like:

Whatever your questions, we’re experts at helping you get the answers you’re looking for and may even answer some you’ve not thought of.

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What’s right for you?

Retirement means something different to everyone. By helping you decide what lifestyle you want we can then work out how your finances can get you there.

Before you can work out what to do with your money, and whether flexibly drawing down funds when you need them or taking a guaranteed income for the rest of your life is best, you first need to decide what kind of retirement lifestyle is right for you.

Your neighbour might love the idea of skiing for three months every year, but you can’t think of anything worse.

What’s right for you is different to what’s right for others.

To work out how to plan your retirement, you first need to decide what lifestyle you want.

It all starts with a chat.

Retirement Planning Blogs

 Planning for retirement can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.
Here we explore some of the best and most important parts
of this exciting phase of your life.

Birthday cake with happy birthday candlesWhat age is old? A recent BBC article said it’s time to change how we measure and think about old age due to more people living into their late 80s and beyond. Read More Phileas FoggWhat Phileas Fogg can Teach us About Retirement Fogg’s journey starts as a life-changing wager for £20,000 (over £2million in today’s money) that he could travel around the world in eighty days or less. His fellow Reform Club members take the wager, claiming; “It can’t be done!” and Fogg sets off. Read More Graphic illustrate how much money is needed for a moderate or comfortable retirementUncovered: How much for a comfortable retirement Find out as we look at the new retirement fund levels from the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA). To make things easier and give everyone the chance to get a good retirement lifestyle the PLSA split these guidelines into three levels of everyday life costs including Minimum, Moderate and Comfortable, to show what... Read More Financial planningHow to Calculate if You've Enough to Retire You're not alone in thinking it's simply about working out how much you have, how long it needs to last and dividing one from the other to allow an annual income. Read More Illustration of independent and restricted financial advisersIndependent Financial Advice VS Restricted Financial Advice With the Premier League returning, we thought a football themed infographic would be just the ticket. It highlights some key stats to help you better understand what separates the two types of financial advice. Read More

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