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Pension Drawdown Advice

Like the idea of drawdown, but not sure if it’s right for you? We’ll help you work it out.

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What’s the best thing about pension drawdown?

The attraction with drawdown is the flexibility to access your money when and how you want.

You get to decide how much and how often you take it – giving you full control.

So, if you fancy a last-minute holiday, drawdown will give you the flexibility to do it.

However, you should be cautious…

Don’t take our word for it…

Meet some of our clients who have received pension drawdown advice from our experts....

What’s the downside to pension drawdown?

Like everything in life, too much freedom isn’t always a good thing. If you use that flexibility to overspend, your pot could run out quicker than you anticipate.

Plus, there are risks to any investments and taking out lots of money from your pot could have tax implications too.

Pension Drawdown

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What’s Right For You?

Ultimately, it’s about deciding what future you want and whether the option of drawdown would help you get it.

That’s where we come in – there to make sure you understand all the options and implications of any decision you make.

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Pension Drawdown Blogs

 If you’re thinking of going into drawdown it’s best to know all
the advantages and disadvantages. 
These articles explore both sides to
make sure 
you’ve got all the info you need. 

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