Making Your Retirement Dreams Come True

What if you could retire years earlier in Teesside?

What’s Your Happy?

For some happiness is knowing you’ve enough money to live worry-free in retirement, for others it’s travelling the world. But, whatever your choice, at Joslin Rhodes our unique Lifestyle Financial Planning process has been specifically designed to help you work out how to get your ‘happy’.

We’ll explore what you really want to do in retirement then work out how to use your assets to pay for it.

We’ll help you find answers to those questions that keep you awake at night like:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • Should I transfer my pension?
  • Can I take a tax-free lump sum?

Our friendly Teesside-based team is here to give you ‘Real advice for real people’, which includes clear answers and a personalised financial plan to help you live your best life after work.

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How We’ll Help You…

Neil Parker, CEO and founder of Joslin Rhodes, chats about what our unique Lifestyle Financial Planning process is all about and how it can help you plan for the future you deserve.

What’s Your Enough?

But, before you can work out if you have enough, you first need to work out what enough money means for you.

This is what makes PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning so great.

The whole process has been designed to help you get the retirement you want by first planning what lifestyle you’d like.

After telling us what you want to do, we’ll analyse your existing assets to see what gaps need to be filled and what changes need to be made.

We do all the legwork analysing and calculating, dealing with your providers and making sure everything’s done the right way.

How We'll Help
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The Most Exciting Part:

This is the bit where you get to see the financial plan we’ve created and when we often get to tell people:

  • “You can retire early”
  • ”You go on that big family holiday”
  • And, “You do have enough to enjoy life”

Essentially, PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning is all about you getting what you want from life.

So, here’s your chance to experience the joy of a personalised, worry-free retirement plan with help from Joslin Rhodes.

What’s not to love about that?

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We'll show you:

  • How We'll HelpWhen you can afford to retire
  • How We'll HelpHow much money you'll need in retirement
  • How We'll HelpHow to make the most of your pensions and other assets to fund your lifestyle

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"I cannot find fault with the service we received. From the warm yet professional welcome to the financial advice we were given. You as a company should be proud of the service you are providing"

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