Who are the M.A.D team?

M.A.D (Making A Difference) team

The M.A.D team was set up to involve colleagues from across the business in making a positive difference to life at Joslin Rhodes.

Who’s involved in the M.A.D team?

The M.A.D team has a member from each of the teams🙋, to act as a representative.

This allows for all the employees’ opinions to be put forward. Before a meeting, the one nominee from the team will receive feedback and suggestions to bring to the M.A.D team.

The MAD teams’ part in Move for Mind

Who are the MAD team?

The Joslin Rhodes team were all passionate about fundraising to support Mind’s campaign to help build a society that fights for positive mental health of every last one of us.

We set ourselves the goal of reaching 20 million steps in 59 days🏃‍♀️. The fundraising campaign finished with the team reaching 21,901,059 steps and £465 raised.

The MAD team helped the team to reach this goal by pushing their teams to go the extra mile. Whether that was to go on a joint group walk on their break or to go for a run.

Team nights out

Who are the MAD team?

The MAD team has also had a part in organising team nights out. The most recent was a bowling night🎳.

This was an event organised to bring the team to Hollywood Bowl at Teesside Park. It was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with each other outside of work.

It soon became quite clear that some of our team weren’t exactly talented at bowling😂.

The Queen’s Jubilee

Who are the MAD team?

Recently the MAD team has had a part in organising a party for the Queen’s Jubilee👑.

This event involved a sit-down lunch with all the team. The MAD team put up decorations and organised for food to be brought in.

Each team brought in either savoury🥧 or sweet treats. Yum. 🍰.

With everyone contributing we ended up with quite the feast; there was cakes, sausage rolls, sandwiches, a wide selection of drinks and more 😋.

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