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We asked 10 expert retirement bloggers their top tips for retirement

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How do you retire early? What’re the top tips that you can put into place to ensure you’re on track to have the retirement lifestyle you want?

While we’ve given you some incredible tips in the past on how you can retire at 55, we decided to get a different perspective on things.

We’ve spoken to some of the leading retirement bloggers in the UK to find out what some of their top tips are for retiring early and retirement planning.

Disclaimer: These are the opinions of financial bloggers and shouldn’t be taken as direct financial advice. Please speak to an independent financial adviser if you’re looking for financial advice around pensions and retirement.

Talk to an Independent Financial Advisor early

“Talk to an Independent Financial Advisor early on in your career and develop a plan; The earlier, the better, but it’s never too late.

“We found this to be the most cost-effective over the years, and I never expected to retire at 56 as I’m just an ordinary bloke.” – Doug from Maturing Well

Doug is a fifty-something from Bedfordshire who retired early in 2018. He now enjoys his retirement, blogging about managing money as well as his life.

Have a plan

“Have a plan. By this I mean both a financial plan (what income will you need?) and also a lifestyle plan (what do you plan to do when you retire early?). The financial plan needs to support the lifestyle plan.

“Some people focus solely on the financial plan, on the money they need but you need the lifestyle plan because you need to know what it is you’re giving up work for.” – Weenie from Quietly Saving

Weenie started her Quietly Saving blog back in 2014 after finding out about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Her blog follows her journey to retirement which she hopes will be in 2024.

Talk about your money

In the UK money can be a taboo subject but if you don’t talk about your income, your expenses and savings rate, how’re you going to pull together and get to early retirement. Getting to early retirement or achieving financial independence is a huge goal, and if you aren’t working together, how’re you going to get there?

Set a date once a month where you talk about money with your partner or family and get used to being open about your finances. Communication is key. – Alan from

Alan is a PopUp Business School Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Financially Independent Pizza Lover, Marvel Movie fan and soon to be Script Writer.

Set milestones you can stick to

“Working towards financial independence or early retirement involves both money and psychology. The former is obvious while the latter is often ignored.

“Be it budgeting, setting financial milestones or trying to get rid of debt, go with a strategy that might take longer, but you know you can stick to. That’ll always be better than burning out too early on a more intense strategy.

“Slow and steady wins the race, and it will probably turn out to be not as slow as you thought.” – Kujah from Fiscribbles

Kujah’s blogs about their experiences with financial independence by working through interesting and fun scenarios and posting their results.

For further reading check out our article on being emotionally ready to retire.

Be aware of your spending

“When most people first hear about early retirement, they think it’s too good to be true — something for ultra-successful millionaires.

“Well, there’s good news – nowadays an increasing number of us are taking steps to retire when we wish, not at a future date set for us by someone else. It helps, of course, to start planning early, but it’s achievable even for late starters. I started getting serious about retiring early at 40.

“The key is to understand what’s important to you and becoming more aware of what you spend money on, how much you actually need to retire, where to find tax efficiencies, and how to invest your money so that it will start generating income for you.” – Sonia from Money For The Modern Girl

Sonia is a 40 something European (now British too!) who settled in London a long time ago. Her blog aims to help people think and learn about money and financial independence and hopes to inspire women and men of any age or background, to get empowered by understanding money and create a healthy relationship with it.

Do your homework

“The most important aspect of planning is to eliminate things that you control and other aspects you don’t. Focus on saving, limited spending, leading a healthy life.

“Invest regularly and do your homework with regards to asset allocation and ETF selection but don’t try to time or outsmart the market.” – Raph from Banker on Wheels

Raph Antoine aka Banker on Wheels is a Portfolio Manager and Institutional Advisor that witnessed first hand the 2008 Great Financial Crisis and the 2011 European Debt Crisis working for some of the most prestigious names in the financial industry.

Let the money work for you

“Start investing in a well-diversified portfolio as young as you can; let the money work for you.

“Even if it’s small amounts, just get a regular and consistent amount into the market each month and leave it.” –Average Money Management

Started in 2019, this blog looks at taking a step back, take life as it comes and put everything into perspective, including our finances.

Get the ball rolling early

“Establish the habit of spending less than you earn and investing the difference as soon as you start generating income.

“Most valuable things in this life compound over time and money is one of them. The earlier you get the ball rolling, the earlier you’ll be able to retire if you choose so.” – Tony from One Million Journey

One Million Journey follows Tony’s journey to reaching 1m, showing total transparency along every step of the way.

Live within your means and invest the rest

“My one top tip is to live within your means and invest the difference. Find a way to enjoy living on less, bump up the amount you stash away and get a boost from investing in the stock market.

“Money languishing in a savings account won’t cut years off your retirement age, so investigate low-cost investments such as tracker funds instead.” – Faith from Much More With Less

Faith is a former deputy personal finance editor at The Daily Telegraph and current freelance journalist. Her blog looks at how he left London for a quieter life in Suffolk, living on less and making the most of it.

Invest in yourself

“I think the most obvious tip to retire early is to invest in yourself to maximise your income. If you earn less than the median wage, then there’s only so many expenses that you can cut before you start impacting your quality of life.

“Whereas if you earn £50K+ per year, it should be relatively easy to live on “only” the median wage per year (or less), and save and invest the rest.” – DrFire from

DR FIRE started their blog to help others, document their progress towards financial independence, and hopefully show that you don’t need a huge salary to achieve it.

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