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Sam Meet The Team Interview

Hello, and welcome to our new meet the team article. This is where you get a peek behind the curtain at Joslin Rhodes to find out more about the people that make us who we are  👀.

Today we sit down with Sam.

Sam plays a vital role in the Business Support Team as our Financial Controller.

So, over to Sam to tell us more…

Say hello to Sam…

“Hi, my name’s Sam 👋.”

“I’ve been working for Joslin Rhodes for just over four years.”

“I work in the Finance Team, so we just keep everything ticking in the background and making sure that all of our customers are happy, all of our clients are happy and that our suppliers are happy as well.”

What do you like about Joslin Rhodes?

“I think what I like most about Joslin Rhodes is probably the culture.”

“I mean I’ve always had a really friendly team to work with. You know we’re quite a small team up in Finance but we all get along quite well.”

“And there’s just a lot of involvement with the wider business as well.”

“And some companies, if you’re a Finance Team, you’re just kind of shoved away in the back office.”

“But there’s quite a lot of involvement here.”

“And it’s good job satisfaction. 😀”

What Does Your Day To Day Look Like?

“So we’re quite structured in Finance, we have a monthly task list to do to close off our month end.”

“So some of the tasks are very similar, month,  in month out and some of them are weekly tasks. Things like that.”

“But we also get given a lot of projects to do. So the projects are no two things are ever the same really.”

“And there’s a lot of ad hoc work as well. So that keeps things a little bit interesting.”

“Other than the month end processes, which is basically wrapping up the end of the month. 📅”

“And then at the end of the year we pull all of those months together. And we’ve got the accounts and how the company has done for the year, that we then have to submit to our accountants and auditors.”

“There’s a lot of varied tasks, dealing with different members of the team, different members of the wider business.”

“So things are never really boring.”

What is your previous experience before Joslin Rhodes?

“Before coming to Joslin Rhodes, I have always worked in Finance .”

“So I started off straight out of  school, in a Finance Apprenticeship.”

“So went through my apprenticeship for three years, with one or two different companies.”

“And then moved on from basically being an accounts apprentice up the ranks to Accounts Clerk, Senior Accounts Clerk and then into management.”

“So I went in as an assistant accounts manager, in my previous employment, before here. Then made my way through to Finance Manager there.”

“And then I’ve come to Joslin Rhodes to work as Financial Controller.”

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