Real Stories

Julie and Garry’s PlanHappy Journey To A Happy Retirement

ex joslin rhodes clients julie and ary talking about their experience with joslin rhodes

Find out what PlanHappy did for Julie and Garry

Why did you choose Joslin Rhodes in the first place?

Find out what happened when Julie and Garry tried to work out their own retirement plan and why they then chose Joslin Rhodes to help them.

Did you have any fears and worries you wanted answering when you first came in?

See what Julie learned about asking the ‘right’ things, why she emailed a huge list of questions to her planner and how choosing to work if you don’t have to is a revelation.

How did the PlanHappy process help you?

Find out what Julie and Garry realised their lives revolved around and why it’s difficult to change this mindset, what they argued over in their meeting and why a structured roadmap of what to do in the future was just what they were looking for.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to see us?

Find out what Julie and Garry think is good value for money, what they felt we cared about and how they started out not having a clue but now thoroughly recommend getting a professional.