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Spend, Spend, Spend…

Spend, Spend, Spend...

Spend, Spend, Spend…

What would you say’s the problem people struggle with the most in retirement?

Running out of money? 

Spending too much? 

Having to go back to work? 

Hint – It’s NOT what you’d think… 

In this week’s newsletter we uncover what the biggest problem actually is. 


The one thing we see the majority of people struggle with the most in retirement is NOT what you’d think. 

Most people would think they’re going to worry about running out of money, spending too much or not having enough. 

The HORROR of returning to work because you’ve run out of money.  

All these FEARS go on.  

But actually, that’s not your biggest problem.

Not even close.

The biggest problem for most people when retiring is learning how to spend their money. 

And more particularly, learning how to spend their savings.

Just think it through.

You’ve probably got some pensions or some savings of some description.  


Because you’ve saved.

Over the years your savings have gone up as you put more and more money into your pensions and your ISAs.

As your pot went up – admit it – you felt more safe, more secure, you felt better about yourself.  

You’ve probably done that for 30 years, maybe even 40 years. Training your mind that as your savings go up, you feel safer and more secure.

But when you retire, you’ve no longer got an income coming in. 

You’ve got to be using your savings to live on. They have got to convert into fun… into life.

You need to start spending them and that means they’re going to need to start going down.

And we don’t like our savings to go down because when they went up, we felt safe…So if they’re going to go down, we feel more insecure and more vulnerable.

You’ve trained yourselves to feel this way.

You’ve got 40 years of practice of feeling good when your savings go up.

Now, how to get over this and start enjoying it going down? 

Because by proxy, that’s how you enjoy spending it and you’ve got to make a switch in your head. 

We see an awful lot of clients who don’t make that switch.

They’re still spending money as though they’re still trying to save it.

That’s why people end up dying with a load of money in the bank. 

It’s common for all the family sit around and say, “Oh, it’s a shame they never did that big holiday they always talked about.”  

“They didn’t do this, and they didn’t do that.”

Even if it’s not about spending the money on yourself, even if you are quite selfless and you want it to go to the children, let’s give it to them whilst you’re alive. 

Let’s enjoy seeing them get the benefits from it because we’ve made our peace with the fact that it’s going to go down.

So, stop fretting about not having enough.  

Stop fretting about running out of money.

In all the decades we’ve been working with people who are retiring, very rarely, has anybody ever run out of money.

And yet there are too many people to count who we’ve seen NOT SPENDING ENOUGH. 

So, are you ready to make that switch? 

Are you ready to see your savings pot go down and ENJOY seeing it go down because you are converting it to fun?  

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Spend, Spend, Spend...

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