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Helping Bryan and Sue PLAN HAPPY

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Client Story

Bryan and Sue in many ways are typical of a lot of couples in the north east, they have three children, four grandchildren and worked hard all their lives.

As a Project Engineer, Bryan’s job can be stressful, so they began to feel it might be time to start thinking about retirement and what that would mean for them. After learning that some of Bryan’s colleagues are clients of Joslin Rhodes, he spoke to Sue, saying; “I think we should use these.” Sue agreed, and they booked their free consultation at the Joslin Rhodes Planning Rooms.

Bryan and Sue expected retirement to be in a couple of years but were worried about having enough money to give up work entirely. Anthony, their Planner, talked them through these worries, their different pensions, our PLAN HAPPY process and asked about their hopes for the future.

Bryan said; “We’d like to enjoy more trips to Europe in our touring caravan, spend time in the garden and I’d particularly like to do more fishing.”

Their one big hope was a tour of America for a few months in a Winnebago and a trip with the family to Disney, but they didn’t think they’d be able to afford it.

After Bryan and Sue’s initial meetings, the Joslin Rhodes team came up with a number of different financial retirement plans. The couple discovered that seeing different options and scenarios laid out in easy to understand charts, graphs and plans meant it was much simpler to choose the best one for their future lifestyle.

Bryan and Sue were amazed to see that all their desired activities were included but the biggest surprise was that it even allowed for Bryan to hand in his notice immediately.

“When we were told I could go tomorrow, we were bowled over. We thought we’d only have enough to survive.”

Not only could Bryan retire straight away but the couple were able to go and live the lifestyle they really wanted without worrying about running out of money.

Bryan admitted that at first the thought of retiring so soon scared him, but after he got over the initial shock Sue told him; “You have to do this.” Bryan agreed and handed in his notice the following week.

Another positive outcome of their PLAN HAPPY experience is they realised their time together is too precious to waste and now see retirement in an entirely different way: “It made us think about why we are doing it.”

Both Bryan and Sue are now looking forward to the future they worked all their lives for.

Sue says; “It’s going to be our time.”

If you’d like to know how to become as PLAN HAPPY as Bryan and Sue, give us a call on 01642 42 45 73.

As pension and retirement specialists, we are trusted by many hard-working people in the North East. Plus, as a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and with the additional permissions to advise on defined benefit/final salary pension transfers, we are ideally positioned to help local people get the retirement lifestyle they deserve.