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Joslin Rhodes – Reviews From Our Clients

Discover how we’ve helped our clients plan happy retirements

Meet Stephen and Julie

Find out what made the Coates decide on Joslin Rhodes and how they felt when they were told they could have retired five years earlier.

Meet Paul

We chatted to Paul about his experience at Joslin Rhodes, what made him choose us over other firms and why he felt confident to do so.

Meet The Jim and Jan

How did PlanHappy help Jim & Jan do the things they’ve always wanted?

Meet Julie and Garry

Find out what happened when Julie and Garry tried to work out their own retirement plan and why they chose Joslin Rhodes to help them.

Meet Joe and Lorraine

We chatted to Joe and Lorraine about their experiences with Joslin Rhodes, what brought them to see us and how PlanHappy not only helped them get the future they want but continues to help them.

Meet Kate

We chatted with Kate about her experiences with Joslin Rhodes, why she chose us over other financial advisers and what she has to say about controlling your own destiny.

Meet Willie

Meet Willie and find out why he decided to seek financial advice.

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