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See what Chris and Louise have to say…

We chat with Chris and Louise, Financial Planners at Joslin Rhodes, about their opinion on why only 14% of financial advisers are women, how they handle gender bias and the stereotypical image of the suited and booted adviser. Plus, what it means that almost half of UK women aren’t prepared for retirement and why it’s important to encourage women to be financially independent.


Tell me about your journey to becoming a pension and retirement specialist financial planner?

Meet financial planners Chris and Louise and learn what made them change career from charity worker and beauty therapist to financial advisers specialising in pensions and retirement planning.

Figures state that only 14% of Financial Advisers are women, why do you think this is the case?

See why Chris and Louise think the stereotypes of the financial industry affect the number of women in the industry and what needs to change.

48% of women say they feel unprepared for retirement, what’s your opinion of this?

Find out what Chris and Louise say about the changes to women’s career and pension options and how it’s about helping women take charge of their future.

Have you come across gender bias in the industry and how do you handle it?

See what gender bias Chris and Louise come across and how the presumption that a financial adviser will be a man makes some people surprised to see female financial planners.

Do you find female clients respond better to you because you’re a woman?

Find out how being a female financial adviser can be of benefit when dealing with both men and women and how it’s ultimately about building relationships and listening to their stories.

What’s the importance of encouraging women to be financially independent and take charge of their own finances?

See what Chris and Louise say about typical relationship dynamics and why it’s important for women to develop their own assets and finances.

How is Joslin Rhodes different to the stereotypical suited and booted adviser confusing people with jargon?

Find out what Chris and Louise have to say about lifestyle financial planning and how it’s so much more than you might expect.

What would you say to women thinking of coming to see Joslin Rhodes?

See why knowing your options is vital, why pension paperwork can sometimes be scary and what to do about it to get peace of mind.

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