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Here we give you a peak behind the curtain at Joslin Rhodes 👀.

Today we look at the role our Client Servicing teams play in your service. Here’s Alex our Client Services Manager to explain more…

Could you give us an overview of your team?


“I am the Client Services Manager, so I’m essentially in charge of all the admin functions which are split into three main areas ✅ ✅ ✅.”

“So, we have the Discovery Build team. They’re in charge of all our new clients. Everything from gathering policy information to client details, all the way through to pension transfers, withdrawals, contributions, investments in funds, and all the transactional elements.”

“There’s the Client Coordinator role. It’s a similar function to Discovery Build, except it’s for our ongoing service clients. We make sure we’re fully prepared for all their Update & Improve meetings 👏.”

“And then recently we introduced Protect administration. So that’s covering Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney, Expression of Wishes, all the Estate Planning services ✍️. This involves taking the instructions, making sure we implement and activate them.”

What’s been your most memorable moment?

“I’d say my most memorable moment has to be when I won the line manager of the year award, this year 🏆.”

“More people than were in my team voted for me 🗳️, so that was an accomplishment getting votes from people who I wasn’t even managing at the time.”

“Just embracing moments really, that’s what I thrive off. ❤️”

What do you love most about your role?

“I would say I like people. Ask me on a bad day and I won’t say that to be fair 😂.”

“I enjoy working with my team, day in and day out, and then also the client-side of things.”

“I think that’s where my forte is, interacting with clients, making sure we give them the WOW service that’s obviously one of our core values ✨.”

“I enjoy all that.”

“I’m mega organised, like Monica from Friends 🗂️. I’m crazy organised so I like trying to solve all that, fitting everything in, speaking to the clients, making sure everybody gets a good service 🙌.”

What do you enjoy outside of Joslin Rhodes?

“I have a dog and he’s my world 🐶. He’s a cocker spaniel called Loki and my world revolves around him.”

“He’s like my child. He’s pampered, well looked after, and loved ❤️.”

“Outside of work I’m so boring 🥱. I’d probably say just walking him, seeing friends, classic stuff you’d put on a CV isn’t it! 😊”

Can you explain your role in 10 words?

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