Retirement Planning

Do I Have Enough?

Do I Have Enough?

Do I Have Enough?…

Thinking about retirement?

Then the BIG QUESTION you REALLY want answering is… “Do I Have Enough?” 

In this video, 📽️ Neil, the founder of Joslin Rhodes Pension & Retirement Planning, spills the beans on the essential ingredient 🧂 needed for answering, ‘Do I Have Enough To Retire?’ 


  • You’ve probably Googled it…
  • Punched some numbers into one of those online calculators…
  • Maybe you’ve got a spreadsheet

But try as you might, you’re still no closer to finding the answer.

Stop this madness.

You’ve likely asked anyone and everyone because it’s THAT important.

But all this leads to is analysis paralysis!

It’s because you’ve not taken the time to ask, “Enough for what?“.

Retirement isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It’s as unique as you are.

So, the first step is to imagine your ideal retirement life – your dream day, week, and month.

Start simple.

Picture a fantastic day in your retirement. What’s on the agenda? Maybe a leisurely morning coffee, followed by a round of golf, or a trip to the shops? 

Next, zoom out to a week. How does it unfold?

Perhaps Mondays are for the big shop, Tuesdays for bonding with your brother, and Wednesdays are reserved for quality time with your mam.

Throw in a Thursday stroll for good measure! 

Surprisingly, it’s not rocket science – it’s just a matter of proper planning.

Chances are, you’ve spent more time planning your last holiday than mapping out your next 30 years in retirement.

So, the key is to create a clear picture of your retirement goals. What do you want your life to look like? Once you’ve got that down, you can finally tackle the burning question:

Do I have enough for THAT?

And guess what? We’ve got the tools and expertise to help you unravel this mystery.

We’ll crunch the numbers, do the calculations, and give you the lowdown on whether you’re cruising comfortably, need to make some adjustments, or are sitting on a treasure chest of extra funds.

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