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Tom Meet The Team Interview

Hello, and welcome to our new meet the team article. This is where you get a peak behind the curtain at Joslin Rhodes to find out more about the people that make us who we are  👀.

Today we sit down with Tom.

Tom plays a vital role in the senior leadership team as our Head of Compliance, Training & Business Services.

So, over to Tom to tell us more…

Say Hello to Tom…

“Hi I’m Tom.”

“I’m head of compliance, training, and business services.”

“My role is predominantly back office. So I work with the dusty things like the regulators. I work with the financial conduct authority, to make sure we have the right permissions in place and to give our clients the products that they need. I work with the financial ombudsman service if we have any client concerns. I work with the financial services compensation scheme to make sure funds are protected”

“I also work with the facilities side of the business. So that is making sure that this building stays as lovely as it looks. Through to making sure we have enough milk, to service those clients who want milk.”

“Or it’s making sure the lights stay on and the electricity gets paid.”

“All of those sorts of things fall under my area.”

What is your favourite part of your role?

“So what do I enjoy about my role I enjoy that every day is different. No two days in my role are the same.”

“One minute I could be dealing with a legal contract or something that we are working on with a lawyer, the next minute I could be designing a new product. Or I could be reading a policy. Or some things that some people find horrible but I actually find interesting like reading a couple hundred pages of regulatory change.”

“So I am designing, building, changing, working out the way that the business can improve or things that it has to take out. Sometimes it is actually removing something because it’s no longer valid.”

“What I enjoy most about my role is that no two days are the same.”

What do you think makes Joslin Rhodes special?

“So what do I like about Joslin Rhodes.”

“I’ve worked in financial services for fifteen years and for a variety of companies. I’ve worked in London, I’ve worked in cities, I’ve worked for big firms, and little firms. What I like about here is it’s a big-ish firm, it’s growing, but it still has that small firm feel. ”

“You know everybody’s name.”

“The office is one of the nicest offices that I have worked in. It’s a really nice place to be. The staff are really friendly. The clients are really friendly. It’s a really good place to work and interact with clients. “

What do you enjoy outside of Joslin Rhodes?

“So outside of work I am a very keen runner. I do ultra-marathons, so that’s anything over 26.2miles. I’m currently training for a run that goes from Carlisle to Newcastle. So for those who are reasonably good at geography that’s about 100 kilometers. That’s next year’s race so the rest of this year and next year is just training for that”

“When I’m not out running I have a family. I have two young children. So I am playing with them, taking them swimming, walking, that sort of thing.”

“I am also quite a keen DIY’er. I’ve recently built my kids about an eight-foot by eight-foot play house. In the shape of a castle because that’s what my little one wanted. So we are having fun now building him thrones, shields, swords, that sort of thing. Just keeps me out of mischief and the kids happy”

What is your favourite memory of Joslin Rhodes?

“So my favourite memories of working at Joslin Rhodes is every Christmas we do silly awards and some more serious awards.”

“But last year I won one of the sillier awards. It was this one it’s called the duck tape award.”

“Part of my role is facilities, so it’s making sure that the building works.”

“Because of that I have kind of developed a reputation to be able to fix pretty much anything if it brakes. I’ll either find a solution for it or know a man who can. So I quite frequently go up in ceilings or changing a battery or a light bulb or rewiring something.”

“So I got this reward. I’m quite proud of it. It sits on my desk and just reminds me no matter how serious some of the things I do are in the compliance or legal world I can still fix most things when they are broken.”

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