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Investment and Savings Advice

When you just need help making your money work

We’re experts at finding the best investment solution for your ideal outcome. As independent financial advisers, we work hard to make sure your money’s working hard.

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Get advice and help with your investments including:

Get advice and help with your savings including:

Understanding what retirement your assets can give

Through our unique process ‘Plan Happy’ you’ll get a clear picture of what retirement looks like for you and how we can help you make investment decisions to get you the lifestyle you want.

Maximising your final few years’ salary

By understanding where you are now and what you’re aiming for we can work out what you need to do to achieve your target retirement date, or even bring it closer.

Whether maximising your salary means putting more into savings, pensions or spending on holidays or the house, we’ll advise on what to do with any surplus.

De-risk investment portfolios 

For many, a bad investment experience is a result of not fully understanding the investment you’re in. We’ll make sure you understand the risks involved and aren’t taking more than you need, are comfortable with or can afford.

Maximise your tax efficiencies

Find out whether you can take advantage of ISA/NISA and pension allowances to shield your investments from as much unwanted tax as possible.

Get the right balance of income and growth

Your accessibility and need for money will change over time. Access your money when you need it, the way you need it by working with us to get the best possible balance for you.

It all starts with a chat

Tell us your concerns and what you’re trying to achieve, completely free of charge, with no pressure.

We’re conveniently located and able to help those in the following areas: Stockton on Tees, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Durham, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

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FAQs About My Investments & Savings

This is a very personal decision but there’s a number of things that need to be considered:

  • The type of pension scheme and how you want to access it
  • How you feel about risk and swings in value
  • What your expectations for returns are and your previous investment experience

It’s our job to gather all this info and understand what you’re trying to achieve before guiding you through the options available.

We’ll monitor this and, keep track of changes in market conditions and your own circumstances before making any changes necessary to keep you on track.

As usual another well explained meeting. I feel assured in my investments.


The best thing we've ever done.

Derek and Liz

Please note: The value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up. You may not get back what you invest.

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