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Where Are We Going Love?

Where Are We Going Love?

Have you ever noticed the differences in approaches to planning a holiday when you’re part of a couple? One person takes charge – they arrange the flights, book the meals, check the baggage allowance, pack the bags, and check you have the passports.  

They also carry the passports through the airport because the other person can’t be trusted with them. This person takes charge of all the arrangements, including knowing the holiday details, your destination, planned activities, and the best restaurants to visit.  

The other person generally is the one who shows up on the morning of the flight asking. “So, where are we actually going to love?”.  Now that’s great on holiday. But the issue arises when retirement is just an ‘extended holiday.’    

The irony is that most people will spend more time planning a two-week holiday than they spend planning a 30-year retirement, especially if you are the second type of person who’s asking where you’re going. 

We have seen this where people come and see us for retirement planning sessions too. We have sat down, and we’ve had a chat. We’ve looked at the pensions and explained the process that we’re going to go through to create their Lifestyle Financial Plan. But then, they drop the bombshell: “I need this by tomorrow. That’s when I retire.” 

They’ve had 40 years, four whole decades to mull over their retirement plans, yet they come to see us the day before their retirement? 

What’s more, it wasn’t unexpected. Their workplace had already signalled that it was time to leave. They just left it to the last minute because they were the ‘turn up at the airport and ask where we’re going kind of person. 

So our tip is, if you have someone with you, your partner, who’s more of a holiday organiser, get them involved in the organising of the really long holiday that’s called retirement. 

Avoid waiting until the actual day of retirement to seek our advice and give yourself sufficient time for planning.  

After all, you wouldn’t wait until the day before to plan a two-week holiday, would you? 

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Where Are We Going Love?

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