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Having Enough, Isn’t Enough

Having Enough, Isn't Enough

Having Enough, Isn’t Enough…

If you’re thinking about retiring, you need to have enough money.

“Tell us something we don’t know!” we hear you cry.

In this week’s newsletter, we take a look at why having enough, actually isn’t the most important thing… 


You’ve got to have enough in the bank, in your pensions, in your savings to see you through so you don’t run out.

That’s the MOST important thing… except it’s not.

There’s something else that’s even more important than having enough… 

There is, we guarantee you!

We know many people who’ve enough, but still lead a life where they’re working when they don’t need to.

Many die leaving loads of money in the bank or in their property that they didn’t mean to or didn’t need to.

And that’s because although they had enough, they DIDN’T KNOW they had enough.

Knowing you have enough is ACTUALLY MORE IMPORTANT than having enough in the first place.

Having enough doesn’t unlock anything, unless you also KNOW you have enough.

And to know you have enough, you’ve got to have that certainty of doing the calculations.

You’ve got to know “Enough for what?”.

Setting out what your life and lifestyle needs to look like in retirement.

And then we can do the calculations and we can work out whether you have enough, or if you’ve not quite got enough, what you need to do to get there.

Or more often than not, you’ve ACTUALLY GOT TOO MUCH!

And when people come to us for help, we’re often sat there saying to them…

“Hey, you know what? You wanted to know whether you could retire in two years”

“Well, we’ve done the maths and worked it all out for you.”

“And the answer is NO, you can’t retire in two years”

“What the maths actually said is…”


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