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11 Ways to Fill Your Retirement

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Things to do in retirement?

After working most of your life it can be difficult to imagine what you’ll fill your days with when you’re retired.

But, regardless of whether you can’t wait to enjoy the freedom or you’re dreading it, planning all the retirement activities you really want to do can help ease the transition.

Research by the Office for National Statistics revealed the 65 and over age-group accounts for the most time spent on leisure activities.

So, whether you want to get green fingers or try something a little more daring, we’ve got you covered.

You may want to spend some time building a flower bed, looking for patio paving suppliers area landscape gardening,

Here’s 11 things our clients say are top of the list:

Post-Lockdown Holidays

Holidays and travel are often high on the list of desirables for retirement but what kind of holiday is different for everyone.

So, whether that’s visiting the seven wonders of the world one after another or a week in a cottage in the countryside (once lockdown is over) it’s about deciding which you’d like to do first.

Things are still a little strange across the world right now. Yet, that hasn’t stopped sun-seekers from jet-setting abroad.

11 Ways to Fill Your RetirementYou can even brace the great British weather and take an increasingly popular ‘staycation’, making use of our beautiful countryside and coast.

According to research by the Travel Industry, 49% of those 65 or older were taking city breaks, while 46% of those aged 55-65 were keen on lounging by the pool.

Gardening In Retirement

If you’ve spent many years in an office, getting outside growing might sound like the lifestyle you’re looking for.

It’s a matter of deciding whether you’re entering the biggest veg competition or the next Chelsea Flower Show.

There are currently 27million people who enjoy gardening in the UK, with women over the age of 55 cited as the ‘typical gardener‘.

Teaching Whilst Retired

Many clients say that after spending so many years building and developing a career, it can be difficult to think about giving that up and find using their skills to help others a good way to channel this.

From mentoring, to online lecturing to teaching English as a foreign language, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

So, will it be mentoring or online classroom lectures?

Retired Volunteering

Some clients hate the thought of not having some kind of work in their lives and find volunteering a way to keep the bits of work they enjoy without the pressure.

It’s simply about choosing which charity or company you’d like to help. From helping ensure our river banks look their best, to even going to volunteer abroad, there is lots to do.

Renovating the house

11 Ways to Fill Your RetirementGetting the house in order is often another of those things clients want to do when they retire.

With your new-found freedom — and some extra pennies saved away — there’s plenty that you can do around the house.

Apparently, the kitchen is the most popular place to start your renovation, with the bathrooms a close second and extensions third.

Playing an instrument when retired

When it comes to hobbies everyone’s different but learning to play an instrument is often high on the list of things clients say they’d like to do. So, will it be piano or guitar?

There are numerous benefits to learning to play an instrument later in life. Improving your brain functioning, memory skills, and reaction time to name a few.

Attending the gym whilst retired

Some take retirement as the chance to get in the best shape of their lives and can’t wait to start getting fitter. So, will you be entering the next Great North Run or the Tour de France?

The NHS suggest that doing 150 minutes of exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week per week. This gives you plenty of time to figure our what you want to do to keep fit.

Becoming an Expert

Other clients see retirement as their opportunity to become an expert in something they’ve always wanted to and throw themselves into learning. The hardest part is working out what you want to learn first.

Spending Time with the Family During Retirement

11 Ways to Fill Your Retirement

Top of almost all our client lists is spending more time with family and grandchildren. This has become even more important since we’ve all been separated from loved ones.

Maybe you can’t wait to start shouting at sports day, cheering at the school play and going on adventures to the park. How many fun things can you do post-lockdown?

Getting a Second Home When Retired

Some take retirement as the opportunity to get a second home so they can split their time between the two places. If you’ve always wanted to spend the best six months of the year soaking up the Cornish sunshine, perhaps this is the one for you.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, one in six ‘baby boomers’ owns a second home.

Retiring To Start a Business 

Starting a business is another activity some like to do in retirement. And, whether that’s something you’ve always wanted to do or you simply fancy taking your hobby to the next level, it’s about deciding what kind of business is right for you.

The number of over 65s who started a business increased from 59,000 to 469,000 between 2001 and 2016, according to the ONS.

So, there’s nothing stopping you joining the trend.

So, what will you do in retirement?

You might fancy something from this list, perhaps you fancy something different. Whatever you choose, make sure you plan your retirement lifestyle and cost for all the things you’d like to do.

Why not find out if you can get started on these sooner than you thought with a free consultation?

Let’s see how we can help you get the lifestyle you really want.

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