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Step Two: Specify & Build

How is it built?

Stage two is all about finding out what needs doing to put those plans into action.

Show me how

Make the most of it

It starts by analysing your existing plans to identify any changes that need to be made or gaps that should be filled.

Make it happen

After you’ve done the official agreement, we’ll do the dull bit of producing the necessary paperwork and contacting your providers to make sure everything’s implemented in the right way.

Making it all clear

Next, it’s time to take a breath and make sure you understand why you’re being recommended certain things and why we feel they’re right for you. You’ll be able to ask any questions and clarify anything you’re not sure of.

Specialist Reports

If you’re considering a Defined Benefit or Final Salary pension transfer, we’ll need to produce a specialist report called a Transfer Value Analysis Report (TVAS).

Don’t worry, we’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to produce this report for you (not all Financial Advisers are).

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FAQs Retirement Planning

Through the Plan Happy process, you’ll find out what you have and how long it’ll last. We’ll help you identify any likely costs and how much you’ll need to live the life you want.

This then forms the basis of easy to understand cashflow models that show how each financial route is likely to work and how your costs could change over time.

They made a very scary process so much better and were knowledgeable, approachable and 'feels on our side'. I feel more confident now.

Andrew & Michelle

I found the meeting very informative and it opened my eyes to the options that I didn't realise were available.


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