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Step Three: Protect

Ever wondered whether you’re financially protected?

We’ll help find any potential risks so you can easily decide if you need to plug them.

Show me how

What is it?

Planning for your financial future now is a great idea and could include things like Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Care Fees or Inheritance Tax Planning.

You tell us all the ways you’d like to protect your assets and we’ll structure your Will so your final wishes have the legal status to be carried out in the way you want. It includes things like:

Widely held assumptions

Unfortunately, many believe their spouse will be able to look after their financial and care decisions if they become incapacitated. However, this isn’t the case, as without Lasting Power of Attorney, when someone loses capacity there can be severe implications, as assets will be frozen and inaccessible.

Lasting Power of Attorney

It’s important to consider who you’d like to nominate to look after your affairs when you’re not able to. This could include anything from property and finances to health and welfare, and should be given to someone you trust.

Care fees planning

At some point in the future you may need care in your own home for assisted independence or even the use of a care home. With careful planning you can prepare for these potential costs.

Inheritance tax and legacy planning

As with Lasting Power of Attorney, assumptions in this area can leave those you care about without the legacy you intended for them. Resolving this is simple, we’ll help you plan so your wishes are actually carried out.

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FAQs Retirement Planning

Of course. It’s important to consider whether leaving a legacy and protecting your assets is important to you.

We’ll help you identify what needs attention and show you how best to structure your finances to achieve what you want.

We also don’t assume anything, so if you want to enjoy every last penny while you can, we can plan for that too.

They were absolutely brilliant and made everything clear and simple to understand. Thank you again for your time and patience.

Stuart & Jane

Anthony was absolutely lovely and explained everything clearly. Everyone is so nice and friendly and there's a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Mary and Jonathan

Please note: Tax and estate planning services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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