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Neil’s Coming to Back2Y

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Neil’s Coming to Back2Y

The conference for financial advisers

We’re really excited to announce that CEO and Founder of Joslin Rhodes Lifestyle Financial Planning LtdNeil Parker, will be speaking at the Back2Y conference on the 26th September. 

Back2Y is a financial planning conference that aims to challenge standard assumptions in the financial services industry.  

The conference itself is all about a group of financial advisers who prefer to focus on people rather than financial products, coming together to learn and grow from each other to help their clients better achieve the lifestyle they really want. 

Neil will be taking part in a question and answer session talking about our unique PlanHappy lifestyle financial planning process and the PlanHappy software we use – designed for advisers wanting to build and develop Lifestyle Financial Planning into their business.  

He’ll talk about how he’s built Joslin Rhodes (retirement planners) using the PlanHappy process in the North East of England and how PlanHappy was born by combining the things he learnt in his previous careers as a Chef and a Civil Engineer, before becoming an Independent Financial Adviser and recognising there was a better way to offer financial advice than just focusing on financial products.  

So, he built a company whose focus is on the client’s desire for the future lifestyle they want and how Joslin Rhodes can help them achieve it.  

Neil has always been passionate about creating a business that has at its core a repeatable lifestyle financial planning process delivered with the help of bespoke lifestyle financial planning software. 

And, because of how well PlanHappy has been received, he’s decided to make the software available to all financial advisers, to help them grow and flourish while keeping that boutique philosophy of focusing on relationships and quality through financial planning.

Read more about Neil on the Back2Y site