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Meet the Team: Financial Planners

financial planner team in office at joslin rhodes

“They always have our best interests at heart.”

Our Planners are the team that take the sometimes-baffling jargon of finance and turn it into language the rest of us understands.They are your specialist pension advisers, listening to all your concerns and queries before asking what you really want to do in retirement.Right from your initial meeting they’ll help you understand your different pension options using easy to understand methods and support you in discovering what your ideal lifestyle looks like. One happy client had this to say about their experience:

“They make the often-complicated world of finance so easy to understand, and really get to know what your goals are in life.”

Our Planners work alongside other teams in the company to ensure all clients get the best possible outcome (more on these other teams soon).

This comes from the genuine relationships they build with clients. Our Planners really do take pride in helping people get the best version of their lives. One client commented:

“Thank you for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you…”

It’s because of these relationships they often get sent postcards and messages from that dream holiday, or about that new grandchild long after initial meetings and plans have been implemented.

The Planners don’t mind admitting their favourite part of the job is telling people they can have the best version of their life. Anthony, one of our Planners, said:

“The best part of my job is taking clients from worry to happy and being a part of a journey that really does change lives.”

If you’d like more info on how our Planners can help you, get in touch via 01642 42 45 73

Joslin Rhodes are trusted local independent financial advisors authorised and regulated by the FCA. Specialising in pension advice and retirement planning we have the additional FCA permissions to advise on defined benefit/final salary pension transfers.

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