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Meet the Team: Client Onboarding

photo of joslin rhodes team staff smiling meet the team

“Made me feel at home.”

Client onboarding is the team that’ll introduce you to Joslin Rhodes. They are your first contact, your initial enquiry and your friendly welcome to the exciting world of discovering how soon you can retire. The team thrive on making clients feel as welcome as possible:“We were acknowledged straight away with a very warm welcome.”From your initial call and all through the process, these girls are the ones who’ll remember you when you come in, make you a cuppa and be first to ask; “How’s things?”

They are the lucky department of the business as they often get cards and thank-you messages from clients. They once even got a postcard a client sent from holiday with the simple words:

“Still Happy!”

The girls’ positivity shines through because of their genuine enthusiasm to help clients get the retirement they dream of and feel relaxed in their surroundings as they do this:

“Made to feel incredibly welcome and relaxed by reception employees.”

At your initial enquiry these are the girls who’ll direct you to whatever it is you require. If that’s a meeting with a planner they’ll also welcome you on the day, and any other day you pop in, as this couple found out:

“We have a great welcome every time we come here.”

So, next time you’re popping by, make sure to say ‘hi’ to our fantastic Client Onboarding team.